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1 Jazz -

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Jazz -

Scott Deveaux, Gary Giddins

Revealing the story of jazz as it has never been told before, this volume is a comprehensive, eloquent, scrupulously researched page-turner.
2 Jazz 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Jazz

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Jazz 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Jazz

John Szwed

Provides an explanation of the basic elements of jazz, traverses the genre's history to see how it evolved, and profiles its key figures, theories, controversies, and role in American culture.
3 Jazz

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Paul Tanner, David Megill, Maurice Gerow

The eleventh edition of this trusted text takes students on an extraordinary musical journey through the changing styles and the fascinating history of jazz.
4 Jazz: A History of America's Music

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Jazz: A History of America's Music

Geoffrey C. Ward, Ken Burns

A companion book to the acclaimed PBS series by the team who wrote The Civil War and Baseball furnishes a lavish photographic essay that celebrates the contributions of such artists as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and ...
5 Jazz

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Paul Tanner, David Megill

Offering a listening-based approach to the study of jazz history, this text helps students gain a better understanding of the music and how it has evolved over the decades while remaining a uniquely American art form.
6 DownBeat - The Great Jazz Interviews (A 75th Anniversary Anthology)

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DownBeat - The Great Jazz Interviews (A 75th Anniversary Anthology)

7 Ghost Warrior

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Ghost Warrior

Lucia St. Clair Robson

A sensitive treatment of a little-known Native American figure, Ghost Warrior is a rich and powerful frontier tale with unforgettable characters.
8 Blood Brother

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Blood Brother

Elliott Arnold

The Apache chief, Cochise, and Tom Jeffords, government scout, succeed in achieving peace after the army fails
9 Carry the Wind

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Carry the Wind

Terry C. Johnston

Fleeing an unhappy romance in the St. Louis of 1831, Josiah Paddock has to learn how to survive in the savage Rocky Mountain wilderness, his teachers, the Indians, mountain men, and the trapper and old-timer, Titus Bass
10 The History of Jazz

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The History of Jazz

Ted Gioia

A panoramic history of the genre brings to life the diverse places in which jazz evolved, traces the origins of its various styles, and offers commentary on the music itself.
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