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In this area, you will find videos added by Jazz Passions members. These videos may be Jazz related or they may be videos of the members themselves, or they may just be videos the members particularly like. We also have an area for Jazz specific videos instead of member specific videos.

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Title: Listen Here

Submitted by: chochip60

Title: Cara de nino

Submitted by: sexycuban26

Title: Dia y noche pienso en ella

Submitted by: sexycuban26

Title: Dame un beso asi

Submitted by: sexycuban26

Title: NEATO

Submitted by: hypoxy


Submitted by: hypoxy

Title: SOLO

Submitted by: szalanski

Title: Mr. Hand plays Parzir Aghpyur on Duduk

Submitted by: texasrazorback

Title: Mr. Hand plays Dle Yaman on Duduk

Submitted by: texasrazorback

Title: Abraham-Hicks,you can be or do anything

Submitted by: goddesspas

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